How to write a policy brief education

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What Makes a Good Policy Brief?

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Example Policy Briefs

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Social Policy Development In Education This essay discusses influences of social policy development in education over the last 30 years. It also discusses the impact of these policies. Policy Brief and Advocacy Letter Topics Page Issues (Use to Find Bill for Policy Brief or Content for Letters) Return to Social Welfare Policy Main Page.

You can write a policy brief on any bill being supported by NASW Ohio and listed in the Advocacy Update sections of the newsletter. When writing a policy brief, there are many things one has to consider: The language has to be just right, not too technical but professional.

The length has to be brief yet informative and most of all it needs to speak to a pre-identified and targeted audience. The policy brief has become the ‘go to’ tool in facilitating evidence based policies.

An effective policy brief must propose a solution to a well-defined problem that can be addressed at the level of policy. This may sound easy, but it can take a lot of work to think of a problem in a way that is open to policy action.

Smoke-free Foster Care: Policy Options and the Duty to Protect - A Policy Options Brief () A policy brief that describes the public health rationale for smoke-free foster care, examines smoke-free foster care legislation around the U.S., and presents policy options for jurisdictions considering smoke-free requirements for foster homes.

A Sample Briefing Paper This sample briefing paper was written for the Scottish Education Office. As the Office moved toward the implementation of a new initiative, New Community Schools, decision makers needed to be briefed to better understand issues and practices associated with making this .

How to write a policy brief education
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