How i would like to be remembered

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How do I want to be remembered?

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I couldn't remember how to spell her name. I can't remember where I put that book. I remembered that I had left my wallet at home. What was it. Don't forget to let us know if you're successful, or if you change your e-mail address!

To get in touch, or to have more names added, drop us a line. As New Orleanians remain scattered across the land, it seemed like a good time to remember a New Orleans of a kinder, gentler time. I would like to be remembered as a brave,strong,smart young lady,but I will probably be remembered as the lesbian Satanist who was smart except nobody knew because she never tried.

Think of the ways you remember people.

How Would You Like to Be Remembered?

I would like to be remembered by people who are smiling, who thought I brought a bit of light and a bit of energy into their lives. I would like to be remebered as a person, and. The Passing of an Icon. The film Wagons East, Candy's final movie, was his least enjoyable experience on a picture, Chris and his older sister, Jen, 36, agree.

"I don’t know if he was.

Perry the Platypus How i would like to be remembered
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