How does iago deceive everybody

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Deception in Othello

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An Analysis of Iago's Manipulation of Each of the Characters in Othello

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An Analysis of Iago's Manipulation of Each of the Characters in Othello The essay describes in detail Iago's manipulation of Cassio, Desdemona, Emilia, Roderigo, and Othello.

From beginning to end Iago moves the characters of Othello as if they were chessmen. Iago does not do this, instead he talks about Bianca with Cassio and Cassio laughs at things Iago says, Othello seeing Cassio laugh thinks that Cassio is laughing at Desdemona, and this angers Othello very much.

In this scene Iago used both verbal and body language to deceive Othello. Through carefully though-out words and actions, Iago manipulates others to do things in which he benefits. Iago is the main driving force in "Othello," pushing several characters towards their tragic end.

An Analysis of Iago's Manipulation of Each of the Characters in Othello

Iago is not a traditional villain for he plays a unique and complex role. Iago claimed that he suspects Othello has been sleeping with his wife,, Iago shares his plot to destroy Othello with the audience – since Othello is so gullible, Iago will lead him "by the nose," making Othello believe that his, Othello's, wife is having an affair with Cassio.

Iago is an accomplished liar and schemer, and puts into operation a scheme which will deceive and destroy Othello, Desdemona, and Othello's lieutenant, the Florentine captain Cassio.

Answered In. Prévert Reads Shakespeare: Lacenaire as Iago in Les Enfants du Paradis Russell Ganim First impressions seem to suggest little more than a casual link between Othello and the film Les Enfants du Paradis despite multiple references to Shakespeare's tragedy in Jacques Prévert's screenplay.

How does iago deceive everybody
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